Where to find discount camping gear

Where to find discount camping gear

My husband is an avid outdoor enthusiast. He loves to do anything that allows him to be outside, especially in summer. He does all of our yard work. He will spend hours washing his car, cutting the grass, or just sitting on our deck. He likes doing it so he can be outside. On the weekends he is hunting and fishing and camping. Many times I go along with him on different camping trips, but other times he goes with friends or by himself. During hunting season I usually only see him in the evenings after work because he is gone on the weekends

When you are outdoors camping you need a lot of gear. My husband receives catalogs from several different outfitters because of the merchandize he has purchased through the years. He is always on the look out for discount camping gear.

The camping equipment seems to wear out the fastest due to the extreme conditions he camps in. I have found that the best time to find discount camping gear is at the end of a season, you will find the best sales then when items are on clearance. Most of the stores display and sell camping equipment during the spring and summer months.

The equipment takes up display room as well as storage space, so at the end of the season they would just as soon sell the merchandize out of the store rather than store it. Last year at the end of the season I found a great tent as well as new sleeping bags on sale. This discount camping gear was at a department store. The sporting goods stores that sell camping equipment year round rarely run clearance sales like the department stores do. This particular department store needed to get rid of the camping gear to make room for a display for holiday items. Because department stores change the items they sell with the seasons many great deals can be found.

Discount camping gear is also available online at outlet stores. Look for clearance items on sale. You can find some great deals there and many companies offer free shipping to your door. There is some used equipment that is worthwhile purchasing at places like ebay, however major things that are needed to be able to run a camp such as the cook stove and tents should be in good working condition and free of leaks. No matter how expensive a tent is it will start to rot and leak after long periods of time exposed to the elements. Tent sealer is something that we have on hand always. I have found that I can camp through most any conditions as long as I am able to stay dry. There is nothing worse than being wet because it is difficult to get warm. I am usually the first peron to volunteer to seal the tent each spring so that we are protected from the rain.

Tips on finding cheap camping equipment and supplies:

Start by doing some searches online such as Discount tents, cheap tents, clearance tents, and tents on sale. Also if you know some of the brands include them in your search.

Popular brands include Swiss Army, Coleman, Army Surplus, Columbia, North Face, Jeep, Alpine and others. Don’t forget to check out the reviews on sites such as Epinions which have quite good product reviews. Also look for ultralight clothes with synthetic materials such as Gore Tex to keep sweat away from your skin and keep you dry.

Make sure you can return any items you don’t like or want no questions asked, so review returns policies before you buy anything.

The best way to learn about products is to do research by going to trade shows, ordering catalogs by mail or going to stores and asking salesman what they recommend. Make sure you check out the warranties on all your gear like cookware, tents, bacpacks, air mattresses and others. Some popular outlet camping and hiking gear stores include REI which has product reviews on the site, Altrec, Mountain Equipment Coop, and eBay for new and used items.

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