Quality camping gear with Coleman Air Mattress

Quality camping gear with Coleman Air Mattress

Camping is one of my favorite things to do in the summer months. Having the chance to get away from the noise and pressures of the city to escape to a quiet retreat, even just for a weekend, is fun, relaxing and healthy just by being out in the great outdoors. Camping never goes out of style and there’s one name in camping gear that people trust more than any other. The Coleman brand has been supplying campers with everything they need in the way of tents, stoves and cots for many years. With the right gear, camping can be incredibly comfortable. A Coleman air mattress, along with a warm sleeping bag, a cot and an ultralight camp pad provides a comfy home away from home bed and is very comfortable when fully inflated.

You might think that taking along something like this requires too much space. That’s simply not the case. A Coleman air mattress, when deflated, is portable, easy to transport and store or tucked away in storage at the end of the camping season. For the comfort and convenience it supplies, it is well worth bringing one along on your next camping trip. You might even consider bringing one along for every member of the family.

A camping air mattress is an inflatable mattress, usually made of plastic or textile-reinforced plastic or rubber, and is also wonderful for sleeping on if you have blood circulation problems. Overall, an inflateable air bed is a necessity for anybody who wants to make their outdoor experience as comfortable as possible. The advantage to the adjustable air mattress is that you can adjust the firmness to any degree that you find comfortable.

You can purchase these in many sizes that are appropriate for anyone from a small child to king size for larger tents. Inflateable air mattresses also work great in the home for guests, as they will pump up quickly in a matter of minutes .You probably envision yourself spending hours trying to get your Coleman air mattress up and running with just the power of your lungs. If that was the case, you’d likely spend the rest of your camping trip asleep because you’d be so exhausted. You can save your breath by using a pump. The pump works with every size of Coleman air mattress so you need just one to get everyone’s bed inflated. Batteries power the pump so it’s always a good idea to pack an extra set in case they run out.

Buying these mattresses used can save you some money, but it can also bring a lot of problems. Unless the person selling the air mattress is willing to let you inflate it before purchasing you are really taking a gamble by buying a secondhand version. Even with a very small hole, the mattress isn’t going to retain its shape for long. The air will seep out and you’ll likely spend hours trying to pinpoint the problem. I highly recommend you take a look at purchasing a new mattress because you never know where a used one has been before. You can purchase a new mattress in inflatable Double size, Queen Size, Double High Queen, King Size Pillow top and smaller Kids Sizes with quick pumps as well.

If you take good care of your mattress it will last you for years. The best time to buy a Coleman air mattress is during a sale. These often happen when camping season is over for the summer, so start looking in late fall and early winter for deals. Naturally, visiting camping supply stores is a good idea, but also consider department stores that have a seasonal section as well as home improvement and online stores. Many of them will have camping items available for purchase too.

Here are some tips on shopping for a Coleman Air Mattress

I don’t recommend buying used, because they can have bacteria you don’t want, or may leak air. Make sure to bring along extra batteries as the beds tend to use them up quickly, you can also bring along a mini power generator so you can plug in your mattress pump. Also you may have to pump up your air matress on a daily basis as it can lose air. Purchase a folding base to keep your bed off the ground and it will also keep you dry in your sleeping bag. Check the manufacturers warranty and make sure your air bed is covered by a good warranty because the better the warranty the more the company will stand behind their product. Look for stores offering discounts on air beds, and save money on your purchase. You many want to consider a fleece mattress cover or camping pad for warmth and dryness. Try you mattress by sleeping on it for a night in your basement or spare room to test it before you head out. Check websites for reviews and do your own research before buying and you will have the best camping trip you have had in years.

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