Nike running shoes fit my feet well

Nike running shoes fit my feet well

Have you ever considered how many different products and services there are available to consumers? For almost every item available there are several brands and variations. It seems that once we find a brand that we like we are loyal to it. I had never really thought about product or company loyalty until I was out shopping with my sister and we were both looking for shoes.

My oldest sister and I were never close growing up. She is eighteen years older than I am so we never lived in the same house together. By time I was born she was living away from home at Business College. Her daughters are closer to me in age. When I was a teenager I spent summers with her babysitting her children, I completed college the year her oldest daughter entered college. We did not start doing things together until I was married. Now we make an effort to spend time together, but our age difference keeps us from having a lot in common.

A few weeks ago we went shopping to a large outlet mall. I was looking for a new pair of athletic shoes and so was she. When we walked into the shoe store I automatically went towards the Nike running shoes. This is the brand that I have worn since I was in college. When I was in college Nike running shoes were the choice of most people because you could buy them in our school colors. Through the years I have continued to wear them because they fit my feet well.

My sister was looking at another brand of athletic shoes. She said she had never owned Nike’s. Like me, she has a wider foot with a high instep. I told her she should try a pair on. They have such a wide range of styles to choose from. I am not a runner but I like the Nike running shoes because they are so lightweight and have great arch support. With having such a high instep I need a great deal of arch support.

My sister was looking for a pair of low back walking shoes that she could slip on and off like a clog. They had two different styles in this type of shoe. One had stretchable laces that were permanently tied and the other style had standard laces that could be tightened or loosened. My sister tried on both pairs and was impressed with their comfort. She decided to go with the pair that you could tighten or loosen because she has problems with her feet swelling when it is humid outside.

I bought a pair of the Nike running shoes that I have purchased for years. The entire selection process took us about fifteen minutes from walking into the store to being at the cashier. This is strange considering the hundreds of pairs of shoes that were in the store. I think that is part of the reason that I stick with the same brand, there are too many others to choose from, it can become overwhelming.

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