I simply love high heeled boots

I simply love high heeled boots

My husband knows better than to try to stop me from anything I have my mind set on. If I see a pair of high heeled boots that I love, I am taking them home no matter what he says. I try not to look at the really pricey ones, as this could be quite an expensive hobby. Though there are a great many different types of shoes that I love, I simply cannot pass up boots. I may not have anywhere to wear them, or even go out enough to justify the purchase, but I will buy them anyway. It’s not just any boot that I like though. They have to have heels.

I am not a drama queen, a fashion horse, or a party girl. All I know is that since I was in first grade I have been in love with womens leather high heeled boots. I remember sitting in my classroom and watching the new girl come into the class. School had begun only a week earlier, but her family moved to the area too late for her to start class with everyone else. What I remember the most about this incident was that I loved her hair and her high heeled boots. That may seem like a strange look for a first grader, but when I was in that grade it was very common.

I wanted to have her hair because it was long and straight. I was born with blond, natural curls, and they never seem to grow past my shoulders. Though they were beautiful, I always longed to have straight hair. Besides her hair though, was a pair of brown high heeled boots that she had on her feet. The heel was not very high, but it was high enough to lift her off the ground an inch or so. I was madly in love with the high heeled boots and the straight hair, though at that time I could have neither one.

Today, I still have the blond natural curls, even if the blonde must sometimes come from a hair coloring kit. My hair is never straight though, and even the best styling tools cannot change that. However, I can have lot’s of boots though. If you open my bedroom closet, you will find at least ten pairs of them that I have not yet worn. My husband jokes around that he could have a yard sale or an account with ebay and make thousands from my excessive number of boots alone. He had better be joking, as he knows he might lose a body part if he tries to take them away for me or jokingly hide a pair. I may never wear them all, but at least there in my closet just in case. I am thinking now I might have to put a lock on them in case my husband goes off the deep end and starts selling them on me.

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